Monday, 12 August 2013

The Myth Of Fair Capitalism.

       So the Labour Party attacks Tesco for employing cheap foreign labour, I suppose if Tesco listens, everything will be alright! You would think that by now it would have sunk into the heads of the "Party of The People" that in that great big cesspool of corporate scum, they're all the same. Why select one small target, do the believe that Tesco is somehow different from the other corporate abusers? What about "zero-hours contracts", what about "workfare" what about the slave like conditions in firms such as Amazon, and so it goes on. It's the same old waffling by the party system, so much time and resources spent trying to convince us that capitalism can be made compassionate and fair, it's all a matter of speaking to them. We just have to convince the blood-sucking corporate parasites that they shouldn't suck us quite so dry and then everything will be fine. 
      We are listening to millionaires who have money invested in the corporate world of greed, so they are hardly likely to want to rock the boat too much, it might affect the value of their shares. Only when the people own and run all the services and means of production will we see compassion and fairness in the transactions. Until then, the fight is against the system, there is no corporate body that has the interests and welfare of the people on its agenda, it is profit first, profit second and profit third.

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