Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Syria - Urgent Action Alert

From Stop The War Coalition:
Syria - Urgent Action Alert 
 Homs, Syria, Photo,

Homs, Syria. Credit
Homs, Syria. Credit

      Parliament will be vote on military intervention in Syria TOMORROW (THURSDAY)
         Contact your MP and ask them to vote against military intervention. It really could make a difference. They might not do as you ask. But if they don't hear from you, it will weaken our campaign after the debate.

You can write to them at

       Statement from the Stop the War Coalition:
"The Stop the War Coalition strongly opposes any military attack on Syria. While we oppose all use of chemical weapons, the latest alleged such attack in Damascus should not be used as a pretext for further exacerbating an already bloody civil war."
Full statement

Article by Seaumas Milne
       "An attack on Syria will only spread the war and killing. Instead of removing the chemical weapon threat, another western assault on the Arab world risks escalation and backlash."
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