Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Nation Of Paupers, Knee Deep In Wealth.

      And still, from the mouths of the parasite class of politicians and their masters the corporate world, the crap keeps coming, ” Work hard and you will get on”. But it's now a truth, that working in this country, is more likely to make you poor. For the first time since records began, there are now more working families living below the poverty line, than in workless and retired families combined. Living standards of those in work in this country have been decimated to the extent that there are 6.7 million working families living below the poverty, line compared with 6.3 million workless and retired. We are talking about 13 million living below the poverty line in one of the richest countries in the world. These facts fly in the face of the millionaire cabal sitting in The Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption, who are spouting about growth and recovery. Growth and recovery for what section of society?
      According to recent report published by The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, job insecurity is common place among millions of people, and one in six of the total workforce has has claimed Jobseekers' Allowance at some point in the last two years. It also points out what we all know, that the fall in median income over the last two years has wiped out all the gains of the last decade. The report also points out that the proportion of low paid jobs has increased and three fifths of these are done by the over 30's. Plus there are now 5 million people being paid below a living wage. Adding to this depressing picture of deprivation in the midst of wealth, is the policy of sanctions, depriving those in poverty of that meagre pittance that barely keeps them alive. No matter which group of our class we look at, poverty looks back at you, the largest group living in poverty are working age adults without dependent children, a staggering 4.7 million.
         Take a good look at this picture and ask yourself why? Is it because there is no wealth in this country? Is it because we are a very poor country? Is it because we don't know how to distribute that wealth in a more equal fashion? Or is it because we are controlled by a greed bunch of millionaires who do the bidding of the corporate world? Well we know we are a very rich country with an abundance of skills, and I'm sure we all know how we could distribute the wealth much more fairly. So I guess it's because we are controlled by a greedy bunch of millionaires who do the bidding of the corporate world. Well now we know the answer, how do we set about sorting the problem?

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