Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Osborne Workfare Regiment.

        Come April next year there will be a new slave army in town, the Osborne Workfare Regiment. This will not be a volunteer army, it will a conscripted force. Thousands of mainly young people, but not necessarily so, will be conscripted, not to fight on foreign soil to secure and increase, our corporate masters oil assets, but here at home to boost the coffers of the corporate greed machine. These unemployed conscripts will be forced to do six months under the command of an over paid parasitic CEO. They will be posted to various organisations under the misnamed, operation, “Community Work Placements”. What ever it says on the the packet, this is not volunteering, it is conscription, under the threat of acute deprivation, destitution and homelessness. Being forced to work for six months without wages, is nothing short of forced slavery, no matter where that “placement” happens to land you. Osborne and his millionaire, Eton educated cabal, should look up the word “volunteering” in a dictionary. Of course they don't need to, they know full well the meaning of the word, and they know full well that what they are doing is forced labour. But it all goes to helping their millionaire corporate buddies to keep down wages and has the side effect of lowering the unemployment figures. This in turn will allow them to spout their usual delusional crap about growth.


       “There has been a lot of talk recently about the latest scheme to help people who are unemployed, with mention of “compulsory volunteering” as part of the “Help to Work” programme.  DWP do not refer to it as volunteering, but others are starting to, which is muddying the waters.  These “Community Work Placements” are NOT volunteering, as people are not freely choosing to participate in them, but rather will be faced with benefits sanctions if they do not engage in the compulsory placements.
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