Monday, 2 December 2013

Inch By Inch, You Lose Control.

      Like a tape-loop message, I keep repeating, that we are marching quietly towards full blown fascism. It won't be recognised by the jackboots on the streets, nor just by people being locked up for not doing as they are bid. No, it will be much more subtle than that. Just slowly bit by bit, the state introducing ever stronger legislating to control every bit of your life. The establishment making more and more arbitrary decision over our heads. They have already neutered the spontaneity the trade unions by legislation, and tied protesters in legal loops. There other things that pass almost unnoticed, but show state power acting out what can only be called dictatorial acts, unchallenged. For example, the case of the young man how decided to show his disgust at the elitism in the Oxford and Cambridge boat race, by swimming across the Thames as the race was in progress. What it boils down to is that he disrupted a sporting event. It now turns out that he is to be deported, having lived here for 12 years and has a wife and child here, he is to be torn apart from his family, and the child will lose its father. Ask yourself, if he had disrupted a darts match, or a snooker match, would he have suffered the same brutal punishment? I think not, this was Oxford and Cambridge having their annual rowing get together, and these bloody commoners must be taught a lesson. In another case the powers that be, forced a woman by court order to have a caesarian operation and her child immediately taken into care. What makes this even more bizarre is the fact that the woman was an Italian, visiting this country. Her lawyer described the case as unprecedented, and John Hemmimg, Liberal Democrat MP, went further and stated “This has a fair chance of being the worst case of human rights abuse I've ever seen.
    Surreptitiously, the all knowing, all powerful, all for your own good, state, reaches in and controls every aspect of your life, and it can do it at will, through its various agents. Who do you believe has the right, the benevolent character, and the humanity to take control of your life? No doubt your answer will be nobody, then why do we tolerate the faceless ones in nice suits, to control all avenues of our life? 

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