Sunday, 29 December 2013

Private Prisons, Corruption And Inhumanity.

        Prisons are always degrading and humiliating, they are the state's attempt to keep control. In spite of centuries of campaigns fighting for prison reform, they are still an anachronism in democracy. Far from being places for "reform" they are cruel and inhumane and often brutal places. Here in the "developed" and advanced capitalist West, as we are being hit by austerity, which translates into less resources for prisons, and though crime figures are falling, we are seeing ever increasing numbers being imprisoned, most prisons are facing overcrowding. The UK is among the highest prison inmates per head of the population in Europe. However we would have to sink much lower in our inhumanity to reach the level of Greece. 
This from Community:

      More than 30 men were crammed into the cell, locked up night and day for weeks or months. Without enough bunks, many slept on the floor. The windows were painted over, blocking out the sun, and the air was thick with cigarette smoke and the reek of the one toilet everyone shared.
    But what might come as the biggest surprise about this prison was its location: In Greece, squarely in Europe. That’s where former prisoner Giorgos Aslanis spent about three months a roughly 40 sq. meter (400 square feet) police holding cell in the northern town of Serres. The European Court of Human Rights ruled in October that conditions in the cell broke European laws against inhuman or degrading punishment and awarded him 8,000 euros ($11,000) in damages.
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        However, for the real professionals at dehumanising  people and making billions of dollars in the process, you have to go to that leader of the free world, the land of the free, the good ol' US of A. America leads the world in locking up its own people, though it has only 5% of the world's population, it has 25% of the world's prison population. Privatised prisons are probably the pinnacle of corrupt capitalism, Billions of dollars made from enslaving people for anything from vagrancy to drug use. Greedy shareholders growing rich on the misery of society's vulnerable and unfortunates.

Published on Nov 7, 2013

     Today the US is home to 5% of the world's population but a quarter of the world's prisoners. It also has the highest rate of youth imprisonment and on any given day there are more than 70,000 youths in detention. And the biggest winners of this mass incarceration? The for-profit prison companies whose business models essentially depend on locking more and more people up.

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