Sunday, 15 December 2013

Death In A Cardboard Box.

      Homelessness lurks in the shadows of every city in this capitalist world, from the poorer Third World countries, where it doesn't so much as lurk, as hits you in the face, to the super rich Western countries, where the try to keep the streets “clean”, for the benefit of businesses and tourists. It's part and parcel of the system. At no time under capitalism has there been no homeless and at no time in the future will capitalism get rid of homelessness. The recent death of a young, 24 year old homeless man, who froze to death in Bloomington Indiana, brought a group of angry people onto the streets to protest at what is nothing less than murder in the midst of wealth. Among other acts, the protesters handed out hundreds of fliers.
From a flier distributed during the march:
   "...When the city unendingly talks about the “problem of homelessness in Bloomington,” they are talking about an eyesore, an abstract liability for downtown business and the ballooning dreams of developers.
     When we talk about the “problem of homelessness in Bloomington,” we’re talking about constant police harassment, the veiling of poverty, and people being turned away from shelters in below zero temperatures.
In short: we’re talking about a person freezing to death.
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