Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Black Is White, And White Is Black.

        Every week or more, we hear of a death, maiming or injury, of one or more Palestinians, and that babbling brook of bullshit, the main stream media, always reports it as “retaliation” by Israel, but never do they refer to Palestinian, “retaliation”. This goes all the way back for decades, you would not be blamed for getting the impression that it is the Israeli lands that are being stolen, it is the Israeli people that were being driven from their homes, it is Israeli lands that are being occupied and developed by the Palestinians. Amazing how that babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, can have you thinking black is white and white is black.

        Once again we hear that Israel has bombed the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip "in retaliation" for something that they've done against Israelis. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country will "respond". Many people would agree that a person in his position has a duty to protect his citizens. Certainly, those in the White House and Downing Street do, which is why Israel gets away with murder, quite literally. It's all down to legitimate self-defence; or so we are led to believe.
       What, though, is the reality? Why is that right of self-defence never extended to the people of Palestine? After all, it is their land which is under occupation; it is their land which is being stolen and colonised; it is their land from which they are being excluded in a decades-long act of ethnic cleansing that its proponents hope will never end.
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