Wednesday, 4 December 2013

This Society Of Parasites And Privilege.

      It says a lot about the class divided elitist system we, in this country live under, when three lads from the same year, at the same posh, very expensive school, end up at the same time, with three of the most powerful jobs in the country. All members of the arsehole Bullingdon Club for arrogant parasites. As far as the working class are concerned they are also three of the most dangerous men in the country. Groomed at the establishment's sausage factory, Cambridge, to protect their own and their millionaire friend's wealth, they are slotted in to positions of power. 


      I suppose if the working class were to put out a most wanted poster, then No.1 most dangerous man in the country would be George Gideon Oliver Osborne, son of Sir Peter Osborne 17th Baronet, and heir to the title. He lives in his padded bubble of privilege and wealth, oblivious of the troubles and problems of the ordinary people and ruthlessly carries out the dictates of his rich bankster buddies. The establishment has tasked him with the job of removing all wealth from the public sector to the private sector and to prepare the British working class for entry to the sweatshop economy. He does his job with an arrogance and relish. I suppose you could put murderer on that wanted poster, as in his drive to satisfy his billionaire bankster friends, he has introduced policies that increase poverty and deprivation, and in that poisonous cocktail, death lurks and strikes.
      I'm not suggesting for one minute that we should replace this dangerous, arrogant, pompous, privileged parasite, with a more caring compassionate individual. That would make little or no difference what so ever, the corporate beast and the banksters would still be pulling the strings. The public assets would still be plundered and the public wealth sent up to their already fat overflowing coffers.
       No, it's the system that stinks, the elitist profit driven system of exploitation and privilege, that needs to be sorted out. Not changed, just simply scrapped. Capitalism can't be made fair, it can't be made caring, it is first and foremost a system of the few getting rich on the backs of the many, and the gap between rich and poor will always grow. I'm sure you can think of a better way to run our society than handing power and control over our lives to a bunch of pampered parasites from a wealthy privileged background. 

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