Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Justice For All Hunger Strikers.

Wednesday, 4th. December, 3pm.
Justice for all the Hunger Strikers! (Unity)
Festival Court, 200 Brand Street, Glasgow G51 1DH

    Isa Muazu has been returned to the UK after a failed attempt at deportation by Theresa May and the Home Office. Isa is critically ill, and it’s essential that he is released from detention immediately. It will be great if everyone could unite once again and show their support for every person who is on hunger strike while waiting for a decision from UKBA.
      We all need to remember, people are seeking asylum for HOPE and better FUTURE. We cannot destroy dreams. We need to show our support for ISA and for many others on hunger strike.
      Please join us WEDNESDAY 4TH DECEMBER at 3PM outside the HOME OFFICE in BRAND STREET.
For Further Info -http://unitycentreglasgow.org/?page_id=895

 Visit ann arky's home at www.radicalglagsow.me.uk

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