Saturday, 14 December 2013

We Should All Be Practicing Anarchism.

        America as a nation is in a state of terminal decline, it's infrastructure is rotting on a daily basis, and there is no money in the kitty to sort it out. Cities and towns are struggling just to stay out of bankruptcy, Detroit didn't manage, and other cities are facing the same fate. Shops and supermarkets close, teachers and other professionals, leave for greener pastures, you have to leave town to find a dentist, and unemployment climbs. Though from our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, you never get a hint of the collapse, it is all about growth and corporate dividends. An article in The Economic Collapse, highlights some of the problems 

     Unfortunately, it is probably appropriate that our infrastructure is decaying because we are decaying in just about every other way that it is possible for a society to decay. We are decaying economically, politically, mentally, emotionally, physically, morally and spiritually. We are a complete and total mess. So why shouldn't what is happening to our infrastructure on the outside match what is happening to us as a nation on the inside?
      And sadly, we simply do not have the money that we need for infrastructure because of all the debt that we have piled up. The federal government, our state governments and our local governments are all struggling to stay afloat in an ocean of red ink, and unfortunately that means that spending on infrastructure is likely to be cut even more in the years ahead.
       So get used to rotting, crumbling, decaying infrastructure. What you see out there right now is only just the beginning.
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        Of course I believe that we here in the UK are in the same mess, our roads are rated close to Third World standard, our education system just about matches that. So what should we be doing? Well according to John Zerzan, we should be practicing anarchism while we still have some leeway to try and get it right, make adjustments, and work things out, rather than wait for the inevitable collapse and be forced to get on with it, without any margin for error. Sounds like good common sense to me.
     Governor Chris Christie has essentially forced Camden, an unprepared community, to experiment with anarchism. Which is awfully irresponsible.  When I interviewed political theorist John Zerzan for this article about anarchism—written in response to the shrill and ridiculous things people were saying about anarchists and anarchism after the May Day 2012 protests—he argued that we should all be thinking about and practicing modes of anarchism right now so we'll have, in his words, "a soft landing" when the shit hits the fan.
     The slow-motion catastrophes of late capitalism and climate change, he and others argue, guarantee that Americans will be living in anarchic circumstances sooner or later, and we have a choice—we can practice and experiment with anarchism now (despite the risks) while we're still bad at it but have some wiggle room for failure.

     Or we can wait until it's too late and we're forced, en masse and with no practice, to live beyond the state. Once things have gotten that bad, it might look like Camden—on Christmas.
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