Sunday, 29 December 2013

"Britain Of The Year"???

        Millionaire, George Gideon Osborne has done more for his corporate millionaire friends than any chancellor in generations. This heir to a Baronetcy, has fought tirelessly at decimating the living standards of the ordinary people, in an attempt to grow and protect the wealth and power of his class. This is one man who can give us all a lesson in class solidarity. He cares not for the misery, poverty and humiliation that he heaps on those who stand in the way of his class's domination. He has no doubt what so ever, which class he belongs to, and will do anything and everything to secure that class's position of dominance. He knows it is class war, it is the only way he can maintain that dominance.


       Across the country thousands are facing the threat of eviction because of the “bedroom tax”, thousands of vulnerable disabled people have died after being assessed by ATOS as fit for work, and having their benefits cut. Homelessness is on the increase across the country, and has rocket in London by 62% over the last two years, thousands of people are forced to work for no wages in workfare schemes, swelling the coffers of the corporate greed machine. Rough sleeping, was falling for a while, but thanks to George Gideon Osborne's class policies, it is once again growing. According to the latest figures, 6,437 people slept rough in London during 1012/13, up from 5,678 the previous year.


     Naturally his class want to show their appreciation and delight at his efforts to improve and protect their wealth and power. So that organ of the landed and business class, that voice of the upper crust right, the Class War newspaper of the rich, “The Times”, has named, George Gideon Osborne as “Britain Of The Year”. They know who their friends are.

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