Saturday, 7 December 2013

5th Anniverssary Of The Murder Of Alexandros Grigoropoulos.

       Two days before the fifth anniversary of the murder in Exarcheia, Athens, by the police, of the youth Alexandros Grigoropoulos, plain clothes police shot and wounded an anarchist in the same area, Exarcheia.
This from Contra Info:
     Before I start describing the incident, I would like to mention the reasons why I haven’t initiated any formal complaint or lawsuit. First off, I declare myself an anarchist-antiauthoritarian. Therefore, my conscience cannot be misled by legal proceedings. Freedom combatants should draw the battle lines against the system and its “privileges” offered to us. In the following account of the incident (which occurred two days before the anniversary of the murder of comrade Alexis Grigoropoulos, in 2008), I want to make it clear that I do not consider myself a victim of the described attack, because the battle lines are drawn, and we stand against the enemy, as I already mentioned.
      On the night of December 4, 2013 I was in the downtown area of Exarchia alongside other comrades, when we understood that we were followed by three plainclothes cops close to the corner of Benaki and Eressou streets. We briefly talked about what to do, and then we chased and harassed the cops. Two of the plainclothes ran away on Dervenion street toward Zoodochou Pigis street, while the third cop ran off to Eressou street, heading also to Zoodochou Pigis. It came as no surprise when we saw the first two thugs making a turn into Valtetsiou street and then on to Charilaou Trikoupi street, exactly where an anti-riot squadron is permanently stationed. We looked back, towards the third cop, and I yelled at him: “Where do you think you’re going, you fuckin’ undercover?” Suddenly I noticed that he was holding a gun pointed at me, and he shouted: “Come here… I’ll fuck you over” pointing his gun at my chest. In the next few seconds he cocked his pistol, ready to fire, and I shouted back at him: “What are you going to do, shoot me?” He shot me in the leg. At that precise moment, I didn’t realized that I was injured however, and the thought that his next bullet would hit me made me run towards Exarchia square, where I finally saw I was wounded in the leg.

       I considered useful to disclose this information not to spread fear but rage. We won’t chicken out no matter what; they must get it through their heads we don’t bend, not even with bullets.

      Attack first and always, with every possible way and every means, against the State and its minions.

See each other on the streets today, December 6 and every day.

The bullet will be returned to both the instigators and the perpetrators of the shot.

        Strength to the vagabonds who are accused in the cases of Velventos and Nea Filadelfeia.
     Two days later, on the anniversary of the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, the people of Athens took to the streets to mark this cold blooded murder of the young Alexandros, and as normal in Greece, when you take a protest to the streets, you are met with the full force of the state apparatus. As well as the usual stun grenades, baton attacks and detentions, the police spent a considerable effort trying to remove radical posters from the walls in Exarcheia.
20:48 GMT +2 Police have cordoned much of exarcheia.

20:16 GMT +2 The police have already attacked the square in exarcheia. People are gathering and setting up barricades on Benaki street and sidestreets.

19:56 GMT +2 The demonstration in Athens has ended, people are gathering at the place where Alexis was murdered. A couple of hundreds are there already, gathering is called for 9pm local time – the time that Alexis was shot.

14:27 GMT +2 Cops are slowly leaving now and students are being released after being searched by the cops. Seems to be the first time the cops have used the “kettling” technique (well-known in the UK) in a greek demo.

14:16 GMT +2 More students trapped, probably about 300 now.

14:02 GMT +2 They are now pushing all journalists away and more cops are arriving.

13:45 GMT +2 Student demo of approximately 2-3000 people is coming to an end. The cops have kettled about 200 people outside the university.

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