Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Spying, Prying, Society.

        It is unacceptable the way that this surveillance, “big Brother” society, has infiltrated all aspects of our life. The moment you leave through your outside door, the cameras are tracking your every move, where you shop, where you drink, who you meet and whatever else you get up to. If you live in Glasgow, until the recent police helicopter crash on top of the Clutha, you would also have been tracked from the sky. You then go home and think, well that's me free from prying eyes. Well not quite, did you know that Facebook keeps records of all you type, even if you DON'T post it. Yes, your unpublished irate drivel that you decide not to make public, is recorded by Facebook. Facebook of course makes all that available to the various state spying organisations. You have been warned, those unguarded crazy moments in private, are being logged for future reference. In this society, you have no right to privacy.

This from Care2:

       At this point, it's a pretty safe bet that Facebook keeps track of the groups we "like" or the games we play on the site. But now, it turns out that the company has also been keeping track of the notes and comments we don't publish -- even if we never intended to share them with anyone.
       Who hasn't come home from a hard day at work or a frustrating conversation with a loved one, written a status on Facebook, and then decided at the last minute not to hit "post?" All this time, it may have seemed even safer than writing in a diary. But Facebook's policies enable to keep track of every single keystroke entered into the site -- meaning that the company can essentially peer into our private lives whenever it wants.
        To make matters worse, in the United States, Facebook has been recorded sharing data with the National Security Agency. That hasn't extended beyond American borders, but where is the line?
We have the right to censor ourselves without Facebook looking over our shoulder. Tell Facebook to stay out of our private and unpublished posts!
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