Monday, 2 December 2013

A Poem In Memory-----

     After posting the article "The Clutha And John McGarrigle" I have received several comments and email, I particularly liked this email and have re-posted it with the sender's permission, she wishes to remain anonymous.

In Memory of John McGarrigle

On his barstool throne he sat content, the southside poet of the Vaults

And on that homely spot he supped his last, amongst the wit and Glesga patter

Amidst familiar words, wae well kent characters an' aw their thoughts

And there was no Waltzing Matilda, just the grit and grime of aw life’s matter

In our first, in our in-between, and our very last beating moments of the heart

Some things can only be measured in spirit and soul

Human warmth, kinship, music, love…………a last dance before we part

Kind words, a helping hand, a prayer, a smile, a story told..........

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  1. Well said, may they all rest in peace.