Monday, 9 December 2013

Politicians, Energy Companies And Death,

        If you implement policies and the result is death, then you are a murderer. It seems quite simple to me, but these murderers are never brought to justice, but they should. Politicians who blithely force through policies that directly impact on people's lives, creating misery, poverty, deprivation and in some cases death, must be held accountable.
        The recent case of a young 13 yearold girl living in Thessaloniki in Greece, who died of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, was not an accident. She was living with her unemployed mother in a city of high unemployment, in a home without electricity or any other form of heating. In Greece, high taxes and high electricity prices and extortionate heating oil prices, puts heating your home beyond the means of thousands of ordinary people.
       Thessaloniki is a cold city in the winter, and left with no other means of heating her, this woman lit a brazier in her home, sadly both she and her 13 year old daughter were over come by the fumes. The woman came round, but sadly her daughter was dead. Greece, a small country, is in the EU, one of the richest economic blocks on the planet, but it kills its citizens by putting heating beyond their means. This is not just abhorrent, it is totally unacceptable, why should people freeze to death or die from carbon monoxide poisoning in the midst of opulence? No doubt in Thessaloniki, like other cities in Europe, there will be large posh homes with heat going through the roof, there will be shopping malls with heat pouring out their doors, but down the road a young girl dies because her mother can't afford to heat their home. The system stinks and has to be demolished and a decent system of humanity created in its place.

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