Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Week Of Action Against Workfare.

Tuesday 3rd December
Week of Action Against Workfare and Sanctions:
Day Two, Online: Everywhere
Organised by Boycott Workfare - Day Two:
     Online targeting of the companies that are profiting from making young people work without pay on Traineeships.
      Traineeships are about providing cheap labour, driving down wages, massaging unemployment figures and conditioning our young people for a life of poverty and jumping through endless hoops in search of a job.
     They're a fairly new scheme that targets 16-24 year olds with more unpaid work. Traineeships involve a work placement of up to six months for which the employer is not even required to pay travel expenses. The promise at the end of six months' unpaid work? You may then be eligible to work for £2.67 an hour as an apprentice.
     Used together, traineeships and apprenticeships have the potential to massively undercut the minimum wage on the high street and elsewhere. The government is of course rolling out compulsory education for 17-18 year-olds and unpaid work looks set to make up an increasingly large component of that education. Benefits cuts for 18-25 year-olds are also threatened. There are many companies happy to take advantage of young people and profit from their lack of opportunity, so today let's take action against them. Contact them by phone, email or on social media.
     Here are some of the companies eager to abuse our youngsters to fatten their shareholders bank accounts.   
tweet them at @Kwik_fit

Tweet to @SUBWAYUKIreland

Let them know your opinion at 
Tweet to @ToyWatchWorld

Difficult to contact without joining their "club" their phone number earns them money and costs you about 10P a minute.

For further information and actions in the coming week contact.
     There are lots of other firms involved in this legalised degrading abuse of our young people, if you know of them, talk to them, email them, tweet them, telling them what you think of their actions. 
Visit ann arky's home at www.radicalglasgow.me.uk

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