Friday, 13 December 2013

Stoning By A Loving Religion.

         Of all the barbaric crimes committed by humans, stoning, is probably the most horrific, though I hesitate to classify those who commit this crime as human. Death by hanging, firing squad, guillotine, beheading, though barbaric crimes, as a rule they are usually relatively quick. What kind of beast can take a young woman, it is usually young women, tie their hands by their sides, bury them to their chest in a pit and then stand by and throw stones at them until they are dead. According to wikipedia, stoning is a slow form of execution by torture. What horrendous crime must these poor individuals have committed? In some case it can be, having sex out of marriage, or in a recent case, for the heinous crime of owning a cell phone.


      There can be no justification for such cruel and barbaric treatment of human or animal, it can't be justified on religious or cultural grounds, and those who advocate it and/or indulge in this inhuman act, are beneath the beasts of the earth, there is no place in the human race where they should be accepted.
      As usual, this is another barbaric spin-off from what is called a loving religion, and like all religions, it is all about instilling obedience by means of fear. No religion is exempt from doing its damnedest to have unswerving passive obedience. A public stoning in a village will surely get all those young women to bow their heads in submission. 

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