Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Workers Know Your History, Angel Pestana.

      A life dedicated to the cause of the ordinary people, one of our own, Angel Pestana Nunez, born in poverty in Ponferrada, Spain, on Feb 14, 1886, he was politically active throughout his life. At the age of 15 he was imprisoned for his part in a political rally. After travelling to North Africa and France, he settled in Catalonia and became involved in the local anarchist group. In 1918 he became editor in chief of the newspaper Solidaridad Obrera. During his editorship the paper ran a powerful campaign against the local police force. In April 1919 after Catalonia was subject to massive protests, he was detained and the paper banned. On returning from a visit to Russia he was again detained. Pestana was also victim to an assassination attempt by the Spanish authorities, while giving a speech in Manresa. In October 1936, with the start of the Spanish Civil War, he was appointed general sub-commissioner for war, but resigned shortly after this due to ill health, he died December 11, 1936. 
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