Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dark Curtain Of Establishment Secrecy And Protection.

        Everybody is aware and accepts, that those who walk the corridors in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, are wading through a swamp of double dealing and deception, fiddles and old boys' networks. We know that the state is corrupt, however, sexual abuse of minors is a whole different type of corruption, and abuse of power. The murmurings of a paedophile ring in "high places" have been going on for years, and recently a few heads have rolled, but not those with the real power. The accepted perception is that they still lurk behind the dark curtains of establishment secrecy and protection. That has to end, paedophilia is an abuse, whether committed by a friend of the family, a plumber, a priest, a teacher, or an Oxbridge member of parliament. The truth must be lead bare for all to see, and victims must be protected and see justice. 
      In the 1980s, at least one senior minister was accused of paying underage boys to "entertain" officials at cocaine-fueled parties. At least one informant has referred to the behaviour as a "sex ring." Yet the government at the time took no action -- in fact, Margaret Thatcher herself allegedly tried to cover up the incident.
     As a result of this interference, many of the men said to have participated in this paedophilia are now dead. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't demand answers about the nature of their crimes.
      It's disgusting enough that the minister in question supposedly used to sexually abuse teenage boys. But if the government really did engage in a conspiracy to try to protect an abuser from the consequences of his crime, how many other similar offenses have been hidden? And how many children and adolescents have been suffering in sil ence since their assaults?
      David Cameron has stepped to launch a full-scale investigation into the historical allegations. The British people -- including the survivors of this paedophilia -- deserve transparency and justice in this disturbing case of government corruption. Tell David Cameron to publicly release the results of the Westminster sex abuse scandal and punish everyone involved!
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