Saturday, 19 July 2014

World's People Against Israeli State, Worlds States Support It.

       Anger against the Israeli policy of genocide in Gaza is growing, today protests against this Zionist brutality, are taking place in cities across the world, there is no possible rationale that can claim this slaughter of innocent elderly, women and children as justifiable. The Israeli state could not do this without the backing of the powerful Western states, especially the US. The US is the Israeli banker, they fund the Zionist state's weaponry, and turn a blind eye to its brutality. The vested interests of the West need Israel to keep the oil rich Middle East in turmoil, allowing the West to exploit its resources unhindered by powerful governments. If any Middle Eastern government shows signs of controlling its own rich resources, the West  will step in and bring chaos, as in Iraq and Libya, allowing the Western exploitation to go on unhindered.

 Melbourne protest for Gaza, July 19. 2014.
Melbourne today.
      Israel plays a pivotal role for Western capitalists as a watchdog in the Middle East. Its job is to prevent revolution and keep this oil rich, strategic region safe for imperialist investors. The political support and foreign aid the U.S. gives apartheid Israel allows it to continue this role which involves ethnic cleansing—with total impunity. U.S. taxes fund foreign aid to Israel to the tune of $3 billion dollars a year. Much of this money returns to the enormous U.S. arms industry because the Zionist state’s police and military buy weaponry from U.S. producers. And so, the Israelis have free rein in Palestine.

       For this reason, it is important to strengthen the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction movement against Israel and to educate about the economic interests at work behind the murderous Israeli/U.S alliance. In solidarity with the Palestinians, the U.S. public can pressure our government and Israeli leaders to end the carnage.
Stop the bombing now!
Cut off U.S. foreign aid to Israel!
End Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza!
Secure the Palestinians’ right of return to their homeland!

Issued by Freedom Socialist Party

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