Friday, 11 July 2014

Tears Of Gaza.

      To most people this short video is a tragic event, something that happened and is over, but to the people of Gaza, this is a daily occurrence, a way of life since the Israeli illegal occupation in 1967. To the people of Gaza this is normal life. Kids grow up having known nothing but occupation, Israeli state aggression and their land being stripped from them piece by piece. No family in Gaza has not seen family members killed or maimed, kids grow up traumatised by continual bombardment, harassment, and brutality at the hands of the Israeli state. All this goes on while the West supports the Israeli state and turns a blind eye, (condones) this brutal injustice. The West will criticise and condemn regimes across the globe and even invade and bomb countries back to the stone age, because it is seen, in their eyes as a brutal regime, yet that regime will not have committed the crimes that the Israel state commits on a daily bases. However, Israel is given carte-blanche by the West, to steal the Palestinian lands and carry out a policy of genocide on the people of Palestine.  Why?

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