Monday, 14 July 2014

Workers Know Your History, July 14, Bastille Day.

      July 14, Bastille Day, food for thought?? Back in 1789 things were pretty crap for the ordinary people. The government of the day was screwing the people, who were finding it hard to get enough food, poverty and deprivation was everywhere, well not really everywhere, just among the ordinary people, the upper echelons of society were living in lavish unearned opulence, sound familiar? The people got pissed off and took to the streets, much as we do today, not a lot has changed in the structure of our society. However on that particular day, July 14, 1789, they decided to attack that symbol of authority enforcement, the prison. Take away the ability to enforce, and authority starts to melt away. Of course in France today, Bastille Day has been claimed by the state, and turned into a massive military parade and symbol of state power, it didn't have to be that way, it could be different next time.

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