Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Genocide By Any Other Name Is Still Genocide.

      As usual, the Israeli state has responded to the tragic deaths of three young Jews, with massive disproportionate violence. Apart from the 40 air strikes in Gaza since the bodies were found, prior to the finding of the bodies, the Israeli government unleashed a massive violent collective punishment on the people of Gaza. This included a violent rampage of Israeli troops and police, breaking into and ransacking over 1,500 homes, schools and businesses, setting off explosions in Palestinian homes, the arrest of more than 500 residents, most held without charge or trial, over 100 were injured and at least 6 have died one aged 14 from a bullet to the chest and one 78 year old woman from a heart attack, while her house was being ransacked. On top of this, the 680,000 residents of greater Hebron have been surrounded by angry settlers and troops.
      Where else on this earth would this sort of treatment of brutal collective punishment be accepted on the death of three youths. Across the planet, sadly, young people are murdered, but in no city in any country would this type of brutal collective punishment be tolerated without international outrage. Only the Israeli state can get away with this genocide, while the international community looks the other way. Only the Palestinian people can be treated in this manner and be left to suffer in the silence of the international community.
     While the Israel state spouts peace, it stokes the fires of hate, with its brutal genocide of the Palestinian people.

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