Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Seventh Day Of Mass Hunger Strike.

      The Hunger strike by prisoners right across Greece continues, with more prisoners being taken to hospital. How many must go to hospital, and how many will die, before this fascist regime in Greece accepts that it can't continue to treat human beings in this manner. There have been actions across Europe and else, where in support of the prisoners and their call for justice. Where else in a civilised country would you have thousands of prisoners on hunger strike? what intolerable conditions would drive thousands to go on hunger strike? Certainly no civilised democratic country would allow such a situation to develop. This mass hunger strike is testimony to the debased, corrupt and inhuman system that exists in Greece and across Europe to a slightly lesser degree. 

       Dozens of inmates went to the hospital. More specifically, 2 inmates from Corfu prison, some inmates from Amfisa prison and the rest of them from Koridallos prison. They were going to the hospital and most of them were sent back after being given an injection of dextrose!
     Comrades Panagiotis Argirou, Michalis Nikolopoulos and Nikos Romanos remains in the hospital after having a fight for not taking intravenous fluids and dextrose!
      Here is a video from the prisoners of A wing of Koridallos deciding to refuse the night lockdown for one hour with force!
 May health and chaos be within you!

It is also evidence of overcrowding in the prison!!!!

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