Thursday, 17 July 2014

Legalising Beatings And Killings.

 Now legal in Peru!!

      "The Peruvian government passed a law stating that members of the armed forces or National Police are "exempt from criminal responsibility" if they hurt or kill people while on duty."  Bloody hell, seems to be the only rational response to this latest piece of Peruvian legislation. To pass a law exempting armed thugs from any criminal responsibility, is giving carte blanche to them to do what the hell they want, in beating and killing of protesters. No problems about responsibility, minimum force, restraint, or any of that crap, that ties the hands of psychopaths, in Peru they now have the stamp of legitimacy to run amok. 
 Now legal in Peru!!

        Of course if one state uses that approach, and it works "to their advantage", and I have no doubt it will, others may follow suit. States learn from one and other, they are all looking for the same thing, total control over their population.
Now legal in Peru!!

This from Care2:

     Five years ago, violence exploded between police forces and indigenous protesters trying to protect their homes from huge mining companies. More than 30 people, both civilians and officers, were killed in the clash; 200 more were injured. And while more than 50 protesters were put on trial for the injuries and death, no police officer has thus far been held accountable.
      This sets a terrifying precedent for police officers and soldiers to abuse their power in Peru, and it's only going to get worse. The country recently passed a law that explicitly allows on-duty officers to injure or kill protesters without being held criminally responsible.
       Considering that Peru is one of the world's largest producers of silver, copper and minerals -- and that the country has previously allowed mining giants to run roughshod over indigenous communities in order to make a profit -- this is truly frightening news for environmental protesters. What is to stop an officer of the military or the law from shooting at protesters, even nonviolent ones, for the "crime" of standing up for their culture and their land?
       This is no way to ensure justice in the country; it only helps stoke a state of reactionary aggression. Ask Peru to revoke its new law giving police and soldiers a "license to kill!"
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