Saturday, 12 July 2014

Glasgow Protest Against Genocide.


         Today on Buchanan Street, in Glasgow, Saturday 12th. July, there was a demonstration in support of the people of Gaza, it was also a show of anger against the brutal treatment of the Palestinian people by the Israeli state. It was well attended, and numbered in several hundreds. This continual murder of the Palestinian people, by one of the most modern and powerful military machines in the world, is nothing less than genocide. There is no justifiable rationale for this onslaught, it is not defence, it is totally disproportional to anything that the people of Gaza might be done. It is blanket punishment, just as the Nazis dished out during WW2. If a youth throws a stone through your window, you don't retaliate by throwing some hand grenades into his family home, that sort of crime would not be tolerated anywhere on the planet, except in Gaza, when done by the Israeli state. By its silence, the world is complicit in this crime of genocide. The protests must continue and grow until this barbarity is halted, and there is justice for the Palestinian people.

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