Tuesday, 8 July 2014

We Don't Want Their Charity, We Can Look After Ourselves.

       Is that sleeping beast, the great British public stirring? I hope so, for it has been on the receiving end of a savage attack in this long running class war. July 10th. in the UK we expect to see 2 million take strike action. Several unions will be involved including the GMB and NUT, on strike will be Transport of London staff, teachers, driving examiners, council and school staff and others. Each may have its specific issue as to why they are striking, but this should not be about a series of single issue. Joining those ranks of strikers should be all those unemployed existing on deprivation level allowances or had their benefits sanctioned, those thousands workfare victims, forced to work for no salary, all those disabled affected by the draconian work assessment, and the attempt to get rid of the Independent Living Fund, all those on zero hours contracts, all those suffering benefit cuts. In fact is there any ordinary person who should not be out on the streets on Thursday July 10th? Over the last four years we have seen our living standards ravaged, the social structure of our society trashed, our NHS being sold off, along with any other public asset that can turn a profit for the financial Mafia friends of the Cameron Oxbridge millionaire cabal.
      We should not be organising to attempt to make our corporate master a little more compassionate, begging them to make our lives a wee bit more tolerable. No, we should be organising to dismantle this whole corporate dominated greed driven ponzi scheme. There is no such thing as compassionate capitalism, it's a greed driven, winner take all, and to hell with the rest of you con-scheme. We don't want their charity, we can look after ourselves.
      This Thursday, on 10 July, up to 2 million people will be out on strike in a co-ordinated strike action across the trade unions. There will be huge demonstrations and protests up and down the country. These actions will be the next step in the summer of resistance, working towards a monster TUC demonstration on 18 October in London.
      Lets do all we can to make sure the strikers are supported in our communities, and help to make the demonstrations huge - join the rallies and demonstrations, join your local picket lines and bring along tea and biscuits - anything you can do to support those on strike will make a huge difference.
     Here are a few videos in support of the strikes. Please share these far and wide! Why not make your own video of why you are supporting the strikes? Tweet using hashtag #J10
Click here to see Owen Jones' video
Click here to see the NUT's video
Click here to see Caroline Lucas MP's video
Click here to see Francesca Martinez's video
Click here to see Kate Smurthwaite's video
In solidarity, 
Sam Fairbairn and Jacqui Howard
The People's Assembly Against Austerity

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