Sunday, 6 July 2014

UK Corporate Health Service.

      When the millionaire Cameron cabal said that the NHS is safe in their hands, he really meant in their hands, the hands of his millionaire friends in the corporate greed machine. Make no mistake, that's where it is going. The NHS is being sliced and diced into bite size pieces for the corporate profit mongers to gobble up and milk, to feed their addiction, loads of profit.
      Several of the big corporate greed machines are bidding for a £689 million contract to provide cancer care in Staffordshire. A second contract worth £535 million and again in Staffordshire, will cover end of life care. This will be where cancer patients have had all the expensive treatment from the NHS that they can have, and have no cure. The profit mongers will build large units where the only treatment will be opiates. They will be run like the private homes for the care of the elderly, staffed by under paid, under trained, over worked staff, while the coffers of the profit mongers overflow with tax payers money. There will be the usual leak of ill treatment of patients, and the usual bland "lessons have been learnt" crap. That's a massive slice of the NHS in one area, £1.22 billion hived off to the friends of the Cameron Club. We also have the nice Mister Branson with his lucrative £500 million contract to provide various health services in Surrey. If they get away with it in Surrey and Staffordshire, there is no doubt they will roll it out across the rest of the country.
      If there is anyone who doesn't see this as privatisation of the NHS, they must be brain dead. When and where was any party given a mandate to sell off the NHS to their rich friends?
      Unless we wake up now, to the fact that we have a group of bankers friends in charge of the NHS, who are hell bent on hiving it off to those friends, we will eventually wake up to no NHS. It will take a concerted effort by all unions and interested groups to wrestle back that which is ours from the slime grasp of the financial Mafia. What they are doing cannot be deemed legal, likewise, what we do to retain our NHS does not need to be legal. Every means at our disposal must be utilised before we are completely in the hands of the corporate beast, for all our health care.
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