Wednesday, 2 July 2014

How Is It To Be Done?

      Have we understood? Have we seen through their tricks? Have we had enough? Will we still try to seek rationalism in an irrational system, seek fairness in a system of power and greed? Will we still accept the illusion of society, when the plunder of the many by the few is the norm? We have had centuries of capitalism, and we have had centuries of war, struggle, poverty and deprivation, never has the system delivered what its advocates proclaim. They say one of the signs of insanity is to keep doing the same thing but expecting a different result. This being the case, we are living with mass insanity, will we continue, or will we stand up, look each other in the eye, admit our stupidity, and vow to start again?
Two extracts from, How Is It To Be Done, from the Tarnac files:
     All the dangerous individuals, all the indocile bodies, all the autonomous human hosts. Then came twenty years of foolishness, vulgarity, isolation and desolation.
How is it to be done ?
     Standing up again. Lifting the head up. By choice or by necessity. Whatever, really, now. Looking at each other in the eyes and saying “let’s start again”. Let everybody know it, as soon as possible.
We are starting again.
      Done with passive resistance, inner exile, conflict by subtraction, survival. We are starting again. In twenty years, we have had enough time to see. We have understood. Demokracy for all, “anti-errorist” struggle, state massacres, capitalist restructuring and the Great Work of the social purge,
by selection,
by casualisation,
by normalisation,
by “modernisation”.
      We have seen, we have understood. The means and the ends. The future that is reserved for us. The one we are denied. The state of exception. The laws that put the police, the administration, the judicial authorities above the laws. The judiciarisation, the psychiatrisation, the medicalisation of everything that escapes the frame. Of everything that flees. .
     We have seen, we have understood. The means and the ends-------

       For instance there are tricks we will no longer fall for. The trick of “society”. To be transformed. To be destroyed. To be bettered. The trick of the social bond. That some would break while others can pretend to “restore” it. We will no longer fall for these tricks.
      One would have to be a militant element of the planetary-petty-bourgeoisie, a citizen really, not to see that society no longer exists. That it has imploded. That it is only an argument for the terror of
those who claim to re/present it. That which has absented.
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