Thursday, 17 July 2014

Why Must Gaza Weep Alone?

      Saturday July 12th saw hundreds of people turn up at Buchanan Street in Glasgow to vent their anger and disgust at the Israeli genocide that is taking place under the noses and closed eyes, of the so called Western democracies. The brutal killing and maiming is still going on, our anger and disgust is now greater than ever. The pressure must be kept up, demonstrations are organised across the country for this Saturday, 19thy. July.

      If you are in or around Glasgow this Saturday please turn up, bring your friends and family, show your support for the families in Gaza who are at the receiving end of the force of one of the most powerful military powers in the world. The killing and maiming must stop, Palestinian people have a right to peace and self determination. The Palestinian People must not weep alone.

Saturday 19 July 1pm Buchanan Street 
at the steps to the Royal Concert Hall

      Scottish National Demonstration for Palestine to coincide with the national demonstration in London. Let the world know loud and clear, Scotland supports Palestine. Stop Bombing Gaza! End the Occupation! Free Palestine! All Welcome. Sponsored by Scottish Friends of Palestine, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition Scotland, Scottish Jews for a Just Peace, Glasgow Palestine Human Rights Campaign, Ahl al Bayt Society, Friends of Al Aqsa and more supporters of Palestine.

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