Friday, 11 July 2014

Imperialist Toys Of Destruction

      This austerity stricken UK government has ordered 14, F-35B fighters at a cost to the cash strapped taxpayer of £2.5 billion, this does not include the running cost of the fighter over its life time, add several billions more, an unquantifiable amount, for that. This super-duper imperialist state toy, has to date cost $1 trillion to develop. For power hungry states that want a slice of this new costly toy, they have to contribute to the $1 trillion development costs. Its record to date is not great, it has been met with ever increasing costs and delay after delay. Two recent tests grounded the plane, one an oil leak, the second, a fire on board, but no matter, they will push ahead with this instrument of destruction as it puts trillions of dollars of taxpayers money into the hands of big business. Despite its long development period, and its hosepipe of money supply, it is still considered to be “too dangerous to fly” “Effectively saying that the most expensive warplane in American history is too dangerous to fly is a huge public relations blow for the Pentagon,” Foreign Policy’s Kate Brannen Tuesday.

 What has this got to do with you and I?

      In November 2011, a Pentagon study team identified the following 13 areas of concern that remained to be addressed in the F-35:[167][168]

The helmet-mounted display system does not work properly.
The fuel dump subsystem poses a fire hazard.
The Integrated Power Package is unreliable and difficult to service.
The F-35C's arresting hook does not work.
Classified "survivability issues", which have been speculated to be about stealth.[167]
The wing buffet is worse than previously reported.
The airframe is unlikely to last through the required lifespan.
The flight test program has yet to explore the most challenging areas.
The software development is behind schedule.
The aircraft is in danger of going overweight or, for the F-35B, not properly balanced for VTOL operations.
There are multiple thermal management problems. The air conditioner fails to keep the pilot and controls cool enough, the roll posts on the F-35B overheat, and using the afterburner damages the aircraft.
The automated logistics information system is partially developed.
The lightning protection on the F-35 is uncertified, with areas of concern. Wikipedia 

We are more familiar with this!!

       This is the kind of shit that our “democratic” governments throw money at, while telling us that we can't afford, social services, we must face cuts in education and health, the disabled are costing us too much, and the unemployed will have to work for nothing, and so it goes on. The world of capitalist insanity. 

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