Sunday, 20 July 2014

Follow Chile, Boycott Israeli Goods.

        Saturday's protest in Glasgow, calling for an end to the murderous actions of the Israeli state against the people of Gaza, saw the number of protesters swell considerably from the previous week. Despite the continuous rain, well over a thousand people filled the top of Buchanan Street with banners, placards and plenty of noise. This was repeated in cities and towns across the world, and still the Western governments mumble and mutter platitudes, and look the other way. 

      Chile is the first government to ban trading with the state of Israel, we should all put pressure on our own government to follow suit. We can of course carry out our own boycott of Israeli goods they are easily recognisable. A bar code starting with “729″ indicates that the product is produced in Israel. This is a relatively simple and effective way to support Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation and their ethnic crimes. If it starts with that 729, dump it. Hit them where it hurts, in their pockets. Goods produced in the occupied territories are more difficult as they can vary. This from Boycott Israeli News:
      The Israeli bar code story is not so simple. I purchased several food items from Israel to investigate which could be from the occupied territories. The Achdut Tahini from Industrial Zone Barkan (Occupied Territories) starts out: 7 219.... Pri-Vayerek Olives from  Industrial Zone Har Tov starts: 7 922... (Barbet (Jam) imported from Israel by Supreme Foods of Concord Ont.: 6 507...)
     The bar code might not be completely accurate, but it is an excellent tool and used with reading the label, should help to put pressure on the Israeli state.

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