Monday, 14 July 2014

Free And Open Internet.

        The Internet is very important in our lives today, from entertainment to quick circulation of news and information, to just keeping in touch, but powerful corporate bodies are attempting to shut it down and transform it to a two, or three tier system, pricing the ordinary people into the SSLOWW lane, leaving the higher priced fast lane for the corporate greed merchants. This affects all of us and it is very important that we keep the internet open to all, on a level playing field.
An appeal from Open Media:
The thing we love the most about the Internet is that it's a level playing field for free expression, economic opportunity, and innovation.
But Big Telecom can’t stand this – and now they're trying to squeeze more money from Internet users by destroying the free and open Internet that people everywhere built together.
These telecom giants are pushing rules that would force everybody who can’t afford the outrageous new fees into an Internet slow lane.1 But we have one more chance to stop this.
Tomorrow, the U.S. FCC will be reviewing their slow lane proposal. And we need you to support a powerful legal challenge that could help save the Internet.
John, you have been a key part of this since the beginning.
In May, you joined with over 125,000 Internet users from around the world to say no to the Internet slow lane2. Now we need you to take this crucial next step at this key stage in the FCC’s decision-making.
At OpenMedia, one of the things we’re best at is collaborating with others in the fight for the open Internet. That’s why we’re supporting the Free Press challenge, and adding the full weight of our growing international pro-Internet community to push back against Internet slow lanes.
These experts will be submitting their challenge to the U.S. FCC about rules that – if passed – would create an Internet dominated by deep-pocketed telecom giants, and affect users in countries around the world.3 We must stand with the experts to save the Internet as we know it.
If it comes to slow lanes on the Internet, nothing will be safe.4 Your favorite online comedy troupe, indie shopping site,5 or the next big social media network are all at risk. We must stop this.
For the future of innovation and creativity online,
–Josh and Steve, on behalf of OpenMedia
P.S. OpenMedia is a small team that gets big results. We’re up against some powerful, well funded interests, and it’s your support that enables us to take them on. Please, help us stop the FCC’s Slow Lane and stand up to Big Telecom’s lobbyists by chipping in with a donation today.

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[2] Over 125,000 Internet freedom advocates have said no to an Internet slow lane. Source.
[3] Internet traffic from around the globe passes through US servers, peering, and content delivery networks. As a result, it’s likely that web traffic from outside the U.S. could get caught in the slow lane. Source: Motherboard.
[4] The Internet you know is about to look a whole lot different. And you might not like what you see. Source.
[5] Etsy Weighs In on Net Neutrality as FCC Comment Deadline Looms. Source: re/code.

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