Monday, 7 July 2014

Mutiny And Strikes Stopped WW1.

          When we discuss that imperialist lead blood letting for power, known as WW1, we should make it quite clear that it wasn't started by ordinary people, but by a bunch of power hungry generals, politicians and royalty. However we should also make it quite clear that it didn't end in any type of victory, but an armistice. Neither side of the pompous blundering generals, politicians nor aristocratic idiots, could claim outright victory. That unnecessary bloody conflict which cost millions of lives of ordinary people, was stopped by those ordinary people. It was striking workers and mutinying soldiers, plus the running out of bodies to sacrifice, that brought the imperial greed fest to an end. By 1918, strikes and unrest were widespread across the whole of Europe, German forces were refusing to fight, earlier there had been similar mutinies among French and Russian troops and mutinies were also occurring among the British troops, including the Australian Imperial Force, Under these circumstances, it was obvious, even to the bunch of blundering idiots in charge at that time, that the blood letting power grab couldn't continue.

The arseholes who glory in war.

        Despite this, the Oxbridge millionaire cabal, running our country on behalf of the financial Mafia, have set aside £55 million to mark the blood letting as a wonderful victory and a defence of democracy. 1914 Europe had no democracy to defend, and when the troops came home, it wasn't to a democratic land fit for heroes, it was to unemployment, poverty and deprivation. Here we are, 100 years on in 2014, and we, the ordinary people, are still struggling to create that “democracy” here in the UK and across Europe. 

 The democracy they were defending.

         It was the ordinary people who suffered during that imperialist land grab, it was the ordinary people that brought it to a close, it is the ordinary people that should make sure that the present day power mongers don't turn it in to some sort of extravaganza to display their power and wealth, a circus of flag waving imperial symbolism. The ordinary people across Europe and further afield, suffered horribly during that unnecessary monumental blood letting, we can't let the perpetrators, by smoke and mirrors, take centre stage and wallow in undeserved glory.

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