Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Israeli State's Genocide Policy.

Protest: Stop the Bombing of Palestine

      Over the last few days Israel has invoked Operation Protective Edge to ramp up the collective punishment of Palestinians, with at least 25 Palestinians killed and 70 injured during the atrocious bombing campaign in Gaza.
      In addition to Gaza, the Israeli repression has escalated in the West Bank to unprecedented levels unseen over the last few years. The situation looks set to get much worse with the Israeli Defence Minister saying yesterday that Israel is "preparing for a battle against Hamas, which will not end within a few days".
Two weeks ago David Cameron condemned the killing of three Israeli teenagers but has remained silent about the death of the Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khedair who was burned alive in East Jerusalem. In March the Prime Minister said his belief in Israel was "unbreakable" and his silence on this latest horrific round of Israeli state violence has shown how true that statement was. Whatever the human rights abuses of the Israeli state, for our Prime Minister it seems nothing will put into question the importance of this key economic and military ally in the Middle East.
      It remains our priority to expose this hypocrisy and to stop the British government's ongoing support for the criminal occupying power. More than a thousand people gathered outside the Israeli embassy last weekend to oppose Israeli terror. Please join us again this Friday:
  • Protest: Stop the Bombing - Stop the Killing - Free Palestine
  • Friday 11 July - 5.30pm - 7.30pm
  • Opposite Embassy of Israel, London W8 4QB
  • Nearest tube: High Street Kensington
  • Share the Facebook event with your contacts
  • Can you help us? We need stewards and helpers for the protest. Please email or telephone 020 7561 4830 if you can help.
The latest stories from the Stop the War web site on Israel's violent campaign:
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