Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Mishmash Of Corruption And Self Gain.

       Let's look at our situation today, we live in the insane, crazy world of capitalism, we have governments that lie, cosy up to big business, and whitewash and protect their own, when they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar. We have a mono-voiced media, that I prefer to call a babbling brook of bullshit, that peddles bubble gum and candy-floss trivia and propaganda as "news", and is the pet poodle of the corporate/government festering marriage. On the political circus, there is a competition of liars, where the right blames the left, and the left blames the right, each championed by its on particular mouthpiece from the the media moguls. They all live in a world where their truth is a mishmash of ulterior motives, subterfuge and self gain.
      Ours is the age of corrupt dysfunctional governments, waltzing with rigged financial markets, corporate bodies controlling and shaping our world to their personal gain. A time when major banks and government agencies are synonymous with deceit, corruption and cover-up. 
    This then is the world of capitalism, where the god is profit, where accountants and economists are the high priest, where truth and the well-being of the people are sacrificed on Mammon's high altar. If we carry on as we are, it will continue until it collapses by destroying the whole fabric of world's societies and the planet we inhabit. If we do not wish to go down that road, we have to do something about it, we have to change the direction in which we are being carried, and that can only be accomplished by destroying the economic system of capitalism before it destroys us. Our so called "leaders", will never deliver justice and freedom to us, they are so ridden with the suppurating cancer of greed. We have to be the deliverers of that new world we all have buried deep in our hearts. A world of mutual aid, justice, co-operation, sustainability, where all human life has dignity, where the driving force is seeing to all our people's needs. We can do it, but time is running out.
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