Saturday, 6 February 2016

Let's Embrace The Poets.

      Poetry is a wonderful means of communicating, ideas, feelings and events, past and present or painting a picture of a possible future. It is that halfway zone between singing and talking, it also has the power to convey any of these things in a handful of verses, where as a book could take several chapters and hundreds of pages. It is also a carrier of our history. Let's embrace the poets, the dreamers, the Utopians. 
This week Circled A Radio interviews poet Tim Wells.
      Poet Tim Wells is the founding editor of the poetry magazine 'Rising'. He has performed his work widely and has worked as guest poet on Radio London and with 'Tighten Up', the East London reggae sound system. His books include Keep the Faith, Rougher Yet, and Boys' Night Out in the Afternoon, which was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection. We talk about Anti Fascism, the gentrification of London, the art of spoken word, the working class and the influence of ska music on British culture as it emerged. 

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