Monday, 29 February 2016

Let's Really Clean The Country.

         What a load of insulting crap we are being hit with, suicides are increasing because of poverty and deprivation, homelessness is increasing, benefit sanctions devastate families and individuals, workfare humiliates people by forcing them into slave labour for greedy businesses, zero hour contracts, add stress to individuals and families, as they don't know how much money they'll get at the end of the month. Our social services are being shredded, and that millionaire product of the Oxbridge sausage factory, Osborne, tells us we will be faced with more severe cuts in the coming year. All this heaped on the lives of the ordinary people and what campaign do our millionaire lords and masters launch? CLEAN FOR THE QUEEN!!!! Our right royal leader of parasites, Lizzie, is reaching her 90th birthday, and to mark this occasion, which I'm sure will benefit us all, her band of loyal millionaire parasites want us to rush out and sweep our pavements, wash down the lamp-posts and clean the street signs. Get out there with your rubber gloves and gather the dog shit and plastic crap, spend your ample leisure hours, I'm sure you have plenty, zero hours and part-time work, etc. to gather all that motley mess of consumer life style crap, so that Britain will look like a new pin when that magic hour arrives on Lizzie's 90th birthday.  Then perhaps we can pay-off all those workers that do that sort of work for a living.
He doesn't even clean his own house.
         I have no doubt there will be some lame brain idiots that will fall in line with this insulting phoney publicity gesture, perhaps hoping to get their picture in the papers or on the tele, or perhaps even to get on the "honours list". 
         We could clean up our country, we could start with clearing out that filthy cesspool, that edifice to British imperialism, The Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption. Then we could go on to clean out all those corporate boardrooms that perpetuate this system of greed that feeds the parasites. Finally, we could clean out that massive, publicly funded oversized residence  called Buckingham Palace, and take Lizzie and her parasitical family of benefit scroungers and re-house them in some more suitable accommodation, and end this symbol of privilege for the chosen few. Though I do agree that re-housing that family may prove difficult as most people in the schemes would object to such a large bunch of useless benefit scroungers being housed in their area.  
This dangerous arsehole, likewise, doesn't even clean his own house.
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