Friday, 5 February 2016

ACE In Edinburgh This Weekend.

Events this weekend in Edinburgh from the ACE list: 

Ditching the Fear - The Logistics Workers' Movement in Italy (and Beyond)
Film Screening and Debate
Friday 5th February, 5.30pm, Hunter Lecture Theatre, Hunter Building,
Edinburgh College of Art, 74 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9DF

     Since the financial crisis in 2008, states, companies, and politicians have increasingly undermined workers’ and union rights all over Europe and beyond. However, unusual events have occurred in the Southern Europe countries most hit by European Austerity policies. We see low-wage workers developing new forms of effective and lively resistance. The documentary "Ditching the fear" follows the struggles and actions taken by precarious migrant workers in Italian warehouses and logistics companies. Over 10 days, the embedded film team discusses, fights, and documents what can be understood as the forefront of a new workers' movement. With the help and experience of the grassroots union SI-COBAS the migrant workers are effectively organising against their isolation and degrading working conditions, displaying solidarity that is changing their work and lives.
       The documentary (80mins) is in Italian with English subtitles. It has been produced by the team at The film will be followed by a discussion, and a member of the film team will be present. The discussion will include the participation of activists groups and researchers involved with warehouses and retail sector struggles in the UK as well as in Scotland. In particular the collective Angry Workers of the World, from London, will introduce their ongoing worker inquiry and organizing in South London Warehouses including their writings on Amazon workplace conditions. Kendra Briken - University of Strathclyde, will also comment on her ongoing research on Amazon Scotland workers.
Organised by Counterinfo Lab, Plan C and ACE
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Further Readings:

Meet at the Covenanters Memorial, Grassmarket, Edinburgh this Saturday
6th February 8pm
Update 4th February – Organisers Edinburgh University Feminist Society have announced that though Roosh V claims to have cancelled his obnoxious events, the protest is still definitely going ahead. For latest news see above link.

The Feminist Society write:
       We were horrified to discover that on Saturday Roosh V has arranged for his supporters in Edinburgh to meet up and spread his misogynistic, hateful and incredibly dangerous 'pick-up tips'. This advocate of rape has said that only straight men are allowed to attend his event and protesters will be filmed (so you may wish to cover your face so you cant be identified)
      But that's not going to stop us. We will not sit by and let this disgusting behaviour scare us off our streets. We're going to stand up and show that sexism, misogyny and most definitely rape are NEVER tolerated.
      They're meeting in the Grassmarket so join us there for a rally because this man's hate has to go! FemSoc committee will be meeting at 7:30 at Teviot and walking down together so feel free to join us if you don't want to walk down alone!
*if you're a man or feminist ally then this is your time to shine. For very understandable reasons some women may not feel comfortable coming so we need all of your support. There's no pressure for anyone to attend if you don't feel comfortable*
You can read more about him here:

NOTE: The article includes the following information: "In an article from last February, Valizadeh (Roosh's real name) advocated making rape legal on private property. His rationale was that a women who consented to go into a man’s house, had consented to sex. "
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