Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Millions Die, And We Don't Give A Shit.

      Another excellent and informative video from, "It's The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine"
         Like the man said, there are literally millions of people on this planet facing a slow agonising death by starvation, while we in the West, throw away and destroy tons of food, though it is the man made system of capitalism that is the root cause, we by our acceptance of that system are complicit and responsible. When do we sort it out, when do we turn our eyes to the starving millions of men women and children, who are slowly starving to death in a world of plenty?

        In this sedition of ITEOTWAWKIAIFF we look at the growing class unrest in Hong Kong that kicked off a massive rebellion in the lunar new year. Also street battles   in Athens, where anarchists and farmers stormed the Greek capital in reaction to Syriza’s structural adjustment policies. On the music break we drop the now classic Dead Prez track: Malcolm Garvey Huey. We continue with an examination on how white supremacy plays a role in the mass starvation of people in the African continent and we wrap things up with Ajamu Nangwaya, an anarchist, educator and writer from Toronto, who spoke to us about black history in so called “Canada,” the similarities of black struggles between peeps down in the US, and the role of celebrities in visibilizing radical politics. Click here to download our entire interview with Ajamu. TRIGGER WARNING: cursing, street fighting, blood, politicians, images of children starving.

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