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A Need For A Declartion Of War.

      For the ordinary people of the world to bring about justice and freedom for all, they will have to wake up and accept the fact that we are at war, the war that will end all wars, the class war. Without accepting that fact, we will continue to be mired in the wars, misery, poverty and injustice, which for us, are the only fruits of the capitalist system. 
     The following written by my friend and comrade, John, states the case very clearly:

      There is a ferocious war being waged in our Society today, but it is not a War fought with guns and bullets or tanks and aeroplanes, and the enemy is not some invading army or outside threat.
    The weapons used in this war are the policies and actions of Government departments and civil servants, and the victims in this war are working class people.
     And although there are no guns or bullets, the War is just as deadly in terms of casualties. But these casualties aren’t on both sides; the casualties are all from the ranks of the working class.
     This is a CLASS WAR. The ruling elite through the medium of the Capitalist system controls and exploits the working class.
     The Government wages this one – sided War against working class people in a number of ways. It attacks and destroys the lives of disabled and unemployed people by depriving them of their benefits through the criminal actions of the DWP and their hired mercenaries Atos and Maximus, and attacks those in work with anti Union legislation to ensure a compliant, unresisting and underpaid workforce.

     Do you doubt this? Do you doubt that a Class War exists and is taking place in our society? Well the rich and privileged have no such doubts. This is what Warren Buffett investor, billionaire and one of the ten richest people in the World said in 2005, “The rich class - is waging class warfare on the rest of Society.” And again in 2006 “There’s class warfare alright, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and were winning.”
     So even if ordinary people do not know of the Class War or doubt if it even exists, the rich are perfectly clear about it.
     The reason this is a one sided war is that many working class people have not yet begun to fight back. Many had supposed that by voting against the Tories this would be enough. They had assumed that their jobs and rights at work were being protected by their Trade Unions. And the reality is that this is not the case. The Labour Party and the Trade Unions have proven to be no defence in this war

Who are the people waging this war?

     This Class War is a war waged by the rich and privileged against the poor and powerless; it is a war between the “Haves” and the “Have Nots”
     This war was not started by working class people, but by the ruling elite; big business, multi-national companies, the Arms trade and so on. Their aims are carried out by privileged Tory MP’s who receive (earn would be the wrong word) £74,000 per year and about the same in expenses - plus all they can steal on top of that!
     So while ordinary men, women and children struggle to make ends meet, these pillars of the Establishment - the majority of them privately educated at elite Universities, these honourable Gentlemen and Ladies, these crooks, thieves and liars in the Houses of Parliament, use the farce of “democracy” to scheme and dictate how we should be governed and controlled in the interests of Global Capitalism.
     Anyone who participates in this charade of Parliamentary Democracy is an enemy of working class people. Not only does it perpetuate the myth that everyone is equal and that by voting every four years or so we are part of this great democratic structure, it is also the means by which violence is perpetrated on working class people. While big businesses and corporations receive any amount of public money and are virtually allowed to pay whatever amount of tax they choose – if any, - working class people are subjected to the violence of homelessness, the bedroom tax, benefit cuts and sanctions, foodbanks, inadequate wages and poor living conditions, which make it almost impossible to survive.
     And many don’t survive. Statistics released by the DWP state that during the period between December 2011 and February 2014 2,380 people died after being denied benefits through being found “fit for work.” Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that suicides have reached a ten year high and are linked with welfare “reforms.”
     The situation is so bad that DWP staff have been given “guidance” on how to deal with suicidal benefit claimants!
The Sunday Herald reported on the 25th of August 2015 that workers had been issued with a six point plan on how to deal with people denied benefits who appear to be suicidal. Staff at call centres have been instructed to allow rejected claimants to talk about their intention to kill themselves.
    All the laws relating to the above are passed by our so - called elected representatives, and enforced with all the might of the State through the Police and if necessary the Military. If the working class organise to fight back against these injustices, we are the ones who are labelled violent and criminal.
     It is not us who are violent; the violence is inherent in the system that is used to control us. Every act of institutionalised violence directed at working class people is backed up by the Law. The Law is not there to serve working class people: it is a weapon, an instrument of control to be used against us; it is there to maintain and increase the power of the State.
     Labour MP’s or any other “left” MP’s – even if they voted against certain laws are still participating in this violence against the working class – as are any of the agencies and individuals who carry out their policies.
    Some ordinary workers can also wittingly or otherwise act against the interests of their class. Often, out of economic necessity they have taken on jobs that act against the interest of their fellow workers. Capitalism relishes this; it divides working class people and so furthers the interest of the Capitalist system.
     In 1886, a financier and railroad developer called Jay Gould said “I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.”
     Workers, trade unionists in G4S, in Jobcentres or in any potentially repressive occupation really need to re-assess their position.
On no account should they impose hardship on members of their class. The Trade Unions should be very specific on this: they need to educate and instruct their members to refuse to participate in carrying out actions which have a detrimental effect on our class.
    How likely is it that Trade Union leaders will jeopardise their well paid positions by leading any kind of revolt? How likely is it that “left wing” MP’s are going to risk losing their cushy numbers to support a fight against unjust laws? The answer has to be – not bloody likely! These MP’s and Trade Union leaders have more in common with the bosses than they do with the workers.
    Working class people need to become aware of this Class War being waged against us. We have to understand that we have nothing in common with the ruling class. They have not the slightest concern for working class people. The poor, disabled and homeless are an inconvenience to them; they would be happy if the poor in society went away to die quietly and uncomplainingly in some secluded dark corner.
     They see the unemployed and poor as a burden, and their laws and sanctions are used as a form of social cleansing.
     They want a society based purely on the pursuit of profit; the concept of fairness and equality has no place in their thinking.
    This is why they wage a Class War against us. This is why they seek to eliminate anyone who does not have the capacity to be a wage slave.

     The interests of the Working Class and the Ruling Class are diametrically opposed. They want a world controlled by a few for their own selfish ends, - we want a world where the needs of all are met equally. They want a world of oppression and fear, - we want a world without fear, hunger, homelessness, and one in which everyone has the opportunity to lead a happy and fulfilled life.
 Don’t be a willing victim in their Class War, -
 join us and fight back.
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