Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Real Or Spectacle?

         Is capitalism the master of sorcery, the great creator of illusions, the weaver of falsehoods, where is reality, is it consumerism, or some other -ism, is it hidden somewhere unreachable in our deep consciousness, or is it all very personal, is reality nothing more nor less than our own personal existence, no matter what that might be? Who is the arbitrator?
This from The Collective:
          As anarchists living in an consumer-driven industrial world where so much of our lives is dominated or facilitated by the State or what we may call Capitalism, what can we consider to be real in our lives, if anything? Are we truly in a Society of the Spectacle, or perhaps lost in the depths of post-modernity or some similar state of extreme alienation that makes the real impossible? Are we truly separated from nature, or are these all simply labels and empty theories that can only attempt to frame the chaotic and complicated world around us? What sort of actions, relationships, projects, discussions, experiences, ideas, group or family dynamics (or anything else) seem to feel genuine or authentic to us? Is it the way you eat or obtain food, have sex, meet strangers or form connections, face enemies, create things you love, destroy things you despise, or something else entirely? What gives those things real qualities or drives you to engage in them as anarchists? Or is anything that could be considered real reserved for revolutionary moments or aspirations, and how would such moments or ideals be obtained?

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  1. The referee, in my opinion, is simple common sense, which rather than seeking the truth, denounces and fights the lie in which power holds. Here's an example full of humor, but very effective


    1. I have seen this several times and I always think it is brilliant. It should be on the curriculum in every school.