Monday, 22 February 2016

The Question, Trees Or Tarmac, Life Or Profit?

      Developers are greedy, they will gobble up green land, from the small, Glasgow's North Kelvin Meadow, to the large, ZAD. The North Kelvin Meadow is not a massive space, but in the context of our city it is large enough to be very important to the well being of our citizens. Zad, on the other hand is extremely large, it is massive. A whole swath of green land will become a matrix of motorways, airport runways, warehouses, docks and the concrete infrastructure to support all this tarmac development. The people of France have been fighting this monster destruction of nature for 40 years, and the fight still goes on, and the support for the protester is growing all the time.
       Both these projects, and thousands of similar projects across the planet are all linked, it is the plunder by capital, they are happening, not for the good of the people, but for the benefit of the corporate world's coffers, profit is the only motive, and it reaps the destruction of the planet. 

her yer ZAD her yer direnis!
Posted by Sadik Celik on Sunday, 21 February 2016

The ZAD - to the developers it is the Zone d’Aménagement Différé’, the differed development zone and for us it’s a Zone À Défendre: a zone to be defended. Either way, it’s a part of the countryside close to Nantes in France, which according to the decision-makers should make way for an international aiport.
Their construction project "Grand Ouest" is an economic platform of international importance stretching from Nantes to Saint-Nazaire, which will form a singular, huge metropolis. Fulfilling this project means taking over the sky, the sea and the land in replacing the current airport in Nantes with a new one at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, but also enlarging the port at Saint-Nazaire and constructing new roads and highways...
Our goals, in coming to live here on the proposed site of the airport, are many: to live on a protest site, where we can be close to those who’ve been opposing the project for 40 years and to have the power to act when construction happens; to make use of abandoned spaces to learn to live together, to cultivate the land and to be more autonomous from the capitalist system.
Most texts and infos are published in french and everything is not always translated, sorry. So if you want to be sure wether there’s new info, have a look on the french website. Also, if you want to help translating, you can get in touch with us !
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  1. Life, in the broadest sense, has not been and will never be respected by capitalism. A system whose sole purpose is the commercial advantage, turns everything into merchandise. Slavery was never abolished, slavery has been simply refined according to the current techno-fascist regime. Fascism is a consequence of capitalism, and not vice versa. It is urgent to put an end to this system of generalized madness, or we will all perish crushed by its destructive course.