Friday, 26 February 2016

You May Have To Die, Your Insurance Doesn't Cover This Illness!!!

        We continually hear the two faced lying parasites, wallowing in the perks of that cesspool of self interest, that goes by the name of The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, spout, "the Health Service is safe in our hands ". However, anybody with two brain cells is well aware that the NHS is up for sale, and will be privatised, over a period of some years. The latest gift from the Cameron cabal, to their corporate buddies, is a nice slice of child care in Wiltshire. Come April, child care in Wilshire will become a money making machine for billionaire, Batty Branson, and will fly the flag of "Virgin Care". 
      NHS staff working in child health services in one West county have been told they have a new boss – Richard Branson – after health chiefs unilaterally privatised their entire department in a £64 million deal.
      All community child health services in Wiltshire will be privatised, with council and NHS bosses defending their decision saying it was the best way to ensure a consistent service across the county.
     But leaders representing the staff being transferred said they had real fears the move would mean a worse service for more money, which they said was what happened when taxes were paid for 'profits and shareholders.
      Until now, all the services from Cricklade to Salisbury had been run by five different NHS organisations. The services now part of the deal include children's specialist community nursing, health visiting and speech and language therapy.
      This piece of slicing and dicing of the NHS for corporate profit is not new, nor is it likely to be that last. The final aim is the total privatisation of health care in this country. Your only purpose in this society is to make profit for the multinational corporations, if you can't do that by working for crap wages, then you can do it when your ill. You are just a money making entity, or you are useless, superfluous to requirements. Is that the society you want?

       The NHS has been legally abolished. Perhaps most controversial is the opening up of NHS contracts to unlimited privatisation. Last year alone, out of £9.63bn worth of NHS deals signed, £3.54bn (nearly 40% of them) went to private firms. Private providers are cherry-picking lucrative services to boost their profits leaving the NHS with less money to provide comprehensive care. This neatly ties in with the next aspect of the legislation.
        This continual strangle hold of corporate power over all aspects of our life will continue, health care, education, social services, all to be turned into money making machines for the financial Mafia. If you don't like that, then you will have to stand up and fight one helluva battle, not just to save your NHS, but to save your children and grandchildren from the future enslavement under the yoke of corporate capitalism. Forget attacking the nasty branches of capitalism, we must destroy the root itself. Until we bring about the destruction of capitalism, and send it to the dustbin of history, as man's darkest hour, our conditions are on a downward spiral, with no other purpose than to enhance the wealth of an army of worthless, greedy parasites. 
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