Saturday, 6 February 2016

Raw Capitalism.

         Thursday's general strike in Greece saw the centre of Athens packed with 40,000 workers and 14,000 in Thessaloniki protesting against the government's plans, under the directive of the financial Mafia, to cut pensions. A few days earlier, farmers were out in large numbers blocking the roads with their farm equipment. The people of Greece have been bludgeoned by the cabal of mobsters who used to go by the name of the “Troika” but now wearing a new dress, and going under its new title of the representatives of creditor institutions –(EU, European Commission, ECB, European Central Bank, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers and the EU's bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism ) This bunch of corporate millionaire mobsters have taken it upon themselves to plunder Greece of all its assets, making sure they are handed over to the corporate greed machine at a knock down price. In the process the people of Greece are sliding ever deeper into deprivation.
In his case, Karachristos says next year he will be paying 88 percent of his salary in taxes and pension contributions.
 "They have massacred my generation. We can no longer get married or have children," said Dina, 32, who owns a lingerie shop and was marching in Athens, referring to five years of austerity cuts under Greece's successive economic bailouts. 
The symbols of European democracy.
       These are the typical comments from across the spectrum of the population, that is those who have any form of employment. Greece is capitalism with the gloves off, raw capitalism, showing its true colours, plundering the fabric of society and to hell with the people. No country is immune, Spain, Italy and here in the UK, the plan is the same, all public assets to be privatised, including education, NHS and all social services, wages and conditions trashed, pensions whittled down. Look across the globe, the pattern is the same, no matter the particular colour of your government. Capitalism knows no other way, it is a system of exploitation. We have to come together across our communities and our borders and fight back to take back all our public assets and take full control of our society and our lives.
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