Thursday, 25 February 2016

Blood Buys Big Yachts.


        We all know that war is big business, and an extremely profitable one at that. The arms industry is massive and involves multi billions of pounds from the large financial institutions who invest extensively in the this destructive industry. So peace is not something they welcome. Their friends with their fingers in the arms industry pie are part of, or are in there lobbying, governments, to take action in this country and that country, spouting high morals and ethical causes for such intervention, but with one eye on the share price of their investments in the arms industry. So don't expect any steps towards peace to come from that cabal of millionaires, that sit in the corridors of power with their blood stained hands on the decision making levers. War means increased bonuses to shareholders.
        According to The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the arms trade has seen a 14% increase over the last five years, compared to the previous five years. What would other industries do for that sort of increase?
       The US is the big boy in the arms export business, away ahead of any of its rivals. From 2011-2015 the US took 33% of the world's market in the blood industry, also showing a 27% increase in its exports of these instruments of death over the last five years. It would seem that the US showers the world in arms, then as the world's biggest imperial power, spends billions more in arms, going round the world smashing these arms. Quite a lucrative procedure for the arms industry.
         Of course we in the UK are not sleeping in this lucrative world of death. We are a small country, but as the millionaire cabal in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption keep telling us, we punch above our weight. This small island, is responsible for 4.5% of the world's arms exports, showing a whopping 26% increase over the last five years. Again, what would other industries do for that sort of increase?

        No, I'm sorry, all you people who are fighting for peace, without working for the destruction of capitalism, are doomed to failure. Wars are such a profitable arm of corporate industries, there is no way that they will legislate to get rid of their goose that lays the golden egg. Corporations are not ethical beasts, nor are they patriotic, like they ask you and I to be. They care nothing for the death and destruction, after all there is profit in rebuilding all that destruction, and to them, people are irrelevant.
       You want peace, then join hands in getting rid of capitalism, there is no other way.
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