Thursday, 11 February 2016

Elections And The Rise Of Fascism.

Support Your local ANTIFA, the latest from SubMedia TV:

       This week we look at the growing fascist movement in Europe and what the antifa are doing to fight back. On the break we have Sindicato Latino, a hip hop collective based in Europe and made up of Latinx migrants. We wrap things up with an anti-election rant and an interview with American anarchist Scott Crow.
TRIGGER WARNING: cursing, street fighting, blood, politicians.

Listen to the full interview with Scott Crow, HERE:
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  1. Great video. It's incredible and obscene that Trump and his ilk accuse immigrants of all social evils. In our country there is a popular song that alludes and parodies that class hypocrisy: "By the sea runs the hare, by the mountain the sardine, tra-lara. tra-lara..."