Friday, 5 February 2016

Secret Meetings Decide Your Future!!

       Syriza, Podemos, Democracy in Europe Movement, all playing the same game, a losing game, trying to come to a favourable deal with the financial Mafia, that might marginally favour the people. That's not what the game is about, it is about plundering the people to the advantage of the financial Mafia and their cohorts, the corporate world. Governments must be compliant, or they will be minced and flushed down the tubes of history. We have the evidence, it is writ large in our history. 
       This from International Journal of Socialist Renewal, On Greece, Syriza, Podemos and the Democracy in Europe Movement – Yanis Varoufakis interview in El Mundo


       Did the European leaders press Tsipras to get rid from you? Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the president of the Eurogroup of finances ministers, has admitted that he did so…
        They knew that I would never sign up to a new non-viable, toxic loan agreement. That was clear from the beginning. I was elected to negotiate a viable agreement. And since it is the finance minister who signs these agreements on behalf of the state, it was essential to the troika that I should be removed.  
     Why do you think you are so uncomfortable (and considered even dangerous) for the EU leaders? 
         Because I was an obstacle to the maintenance of their permanent denial regarding their failed fiscal reform programs. 
        What has been your major mistake during the time you were Greece Finance Minister? 
         To believe that the troika would honour the spirit and the letter of the 20th February Eurogroup agreement. It was on the basis of that false belief that I signed, a few days later, the application for an extension to the previous loan agreement.
        Some people blame you for the painful turn of the Greek situation during the first Syriza Government. Are you guilty?
      If there was a painful turn due to our policies, I would of course be responsible (as the finance minister in charge). However, even Eurostat confirms that, during my 5 months in office, real national income in fact rose. The damage came right at the end of my ministry. And it did not come from some policy that I implemented. It came because the troika ruthlessly closed down Greece’s banks in order to force upon the Prime Minister further reductions in pensions, greater taxes for consumers and companies etc. And afterwards they blamed the damage they caused on… me. (Typical of bullies who blame the victim for her/his victimization.)  
      What was the most disappointed/surprising/unbelieving thing that you learned about politics while you were minister? 
       That Europe’s finance ministers make decisions at the Eurogroup on the basis of precisely no detailed information. And that their deliberations, before these crucial decisions are taken, are conducted under perfect secrecy, without any minutes being taken. Citizens, in other words, will never get to know what their representative said, or how she/he voted, on their behalf. Ever!  (My emphasis)
        Isn’t it true that one of the main reasons Europe treated Greece in a such hard way was to try to prevent the growth of Podemos in Spain? 
        Of course.----------
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