Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Workers Know Your History, Spirit of Revolt Additions

       We've been very busy at Spirit of Revolt Archive, we always are, but recently we have had a wee marathon of work. Three new additions to our website, one is some drawings by Henri-Gabriel Ibels taken from the anarchist paper Le Pere Peinard, they can be viewed HERE: The book is part of our John Cooper Collection
       The next item is for those who missed our recent exhibition on the Rent Strike 1915, 100 Years On, held in the Mitchell Library, during the month of November, you can now read details of the exhibition with photos. The exhibition proved to be very popular and had a catalogue of wonderful comments from the public, who found it both interesting and informative. It also proved to be a stimulant for chat, stories, and questions about our history. So have a look and enjoy the exhibition you thought you had missed.
       The third item we have added to the website is one that I am rather proud of, not that I'm not proud of our entire archive, but that people can learn from it, is I think you'll agree, very important. We have added an educational workshop module on Glasgow's Rent Strike 1915, suitable for schools. It is called Understanding Solidarity Through The Glasgow Rent Strike 1915. It is available free for download as a PDF HERE:
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